Our History

Known for their Freelance services, GeekShark has helped many companies for more than 7 years. Now they have taken things a step further by deploying dedicated Full-Stack Engineers around the globe helping startups and corportations. #geekdedicated

Our Values


GeekShark is devoted to the purpose of helping startups grow. They exercise single-minded loyalty and integrity.


GeekShark achieves maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense.


Geek has comprehensive and authoritative knowledge when it comes to FULL-STACKING startups and corporations.

Our Team


Jessica Calloway
Project Manager | Data Manager

She is the bosslady that keeps the boys and girls at GeekShark in line. She is a jack of all trades and for the last year her focus has been project management. This year, here focus is to head up our Full-Stack Data Team.


Brett Astleford
Engineer | Full-Stack Manager

When he isn't surfing, he's using his 10+ years experience coding and managing Full-stack teams to ensure our client's projects are a success. He's great at building FULL-STACK Teams globally.


Dave Smith
Biz Development | Account Manager

An entrepernuer since the age of 16. During the last 10+ years his focus has been business development, marketing and recruitment. His focus now is helping GeekShark grow their data and recruitment sector.

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Having a hard time finding in-house talent? Tried of developers jumping ship? Take your startup or company to the next level with our dedicated team services. There are benefits!

GeekShark Freelance

Not yet ready to take the plunge with a Dedicated Team? We offer our Freelance services to allow you to test drive our services. 15+ years experience and over 15+ professionals. Let's work together!

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