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Our network will help you to hire tech talent quickly and more efficiently. Including recruiters, engineers, developers, 3D professionals, and more. We find you the best local and global tech talent to fit the needs of your business. 

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We provide your company with the latest technical and non-technical support services that the market is currently seeking. We carry this out by offering a high level of professionalism that your company requires and deserves. 

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Technical Recruiting
Software Development
Low Code Development
3D Modeling & Rendering
Data Engineering

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Career Opportunities
Dedicated Team Opportunities
Freelance Opportunities
Career Consultation
Linguist and Business Skills

Recruiting Tech Talent

Hire tech talent locally and globally by partnering with Geekshark. We connect you with qualified technical talentHR and technical recruiting talent, and 3D talent. Partnering with us is easy as 123 and we produce the results by offering you quality recruitment, diversity, and speed.  We offer free  consultation without any obligation whatsoever.  We look forward to help you with your next tech talent project. 

HR & Recruiting Services

Technical Recruitment
Technical Sourcing
Recruiment Coordination
International HR Management
HR Analytics Management

Tech Talent Services

Software Engineering
Data Engineering
PowerApps Developement
Cloud Engineering
DevOps and SRE Engineering

3D Talent Services

3D Architectural Visualization
3D Model Engineering
3D Technical Engineering
3D Game Engineering

What Our Clients Say
"GeekShark is an outstanding team of professionals. I required a few engineers and recruiters on several occasions, and they came through in the clutch." #solidteam
Brett A.
CTO @Rocketpower
San Francisco, CA
"They are a very honest, patient and knowledgeable group of experienced professionals. They took my dream and made it come true. I am forever grateful!" #qsfapp
Dr. Camden Clay
Chiropractor @QSF
Atlanta, GA
"This creative team is the high level of responsiveness and commitment to bring your application product to life. They understand and care about the people and business."
C. Jenkins
Consultant @CECS
Atlanta, GA

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