3D Rendering Services

We provide 3D excellence beyond compare.  Our services improve your branding, attract buyers, gives confidence to potential investors and service partners, and improve social media traction to attract millennials. 

3D rendering is taking the world by storm, and our team is on the cutting-edge of the technology.
Dave Smith

3D Geek Services

We provide specialized services for clients in the USA, Europe, and other trending markets.  Our services include but not limited to:  Architectural Visualization, 3D Still Images and VR/Interactive Solutions. Our team is on the cutting edge of technology  thus allowing us to provide a unique 3d experience. We excel in the industry because we have dedicated Technical 3D artists, Architectural Artists, 3D Modeling Artists, 3D Modeling Texture experts, and 3D QA specialists who deliver quality work. 

Architectural Visualization

Whether you’re redesigning a space or building a new property, we can create 3D architectural renderings to give all stakeholders an accurate visualization of the project.

3D Still Images

Bring your visions to life with 3D still image representations of your concept. Whether it’s art, design concept, or other projects, we will create an accurate rendition using cutting-edge technology. 

VR / Interactive Solutions

Immerse yourself and your clients in a 3D representation of a design concept or other project. We can even make the space interactive and responsive for greater effect.


3D Technology

Our 3d team understands and works with the latest  3D technology to make your 3D project successful.  For each project we undertake, we develop with the best technology to achieve excellence each time. If your project requires specific technology not listed, please get in touch with us today, and we will provide you with the help needed. 


Our Work


Case studies

Our case studies show how your business can grow from the use of 3D technology and position itself as a leader in its industry. Our cases show how residential architects,  designers, builders, and other professionals can benefit.  

About Us

A World-Class 3D Rendering Team

We are on the cutting edge!

Our Geekshark 3D team has the expertise and techniques needed to build some of the most impressive 3D rendering projects. We’re experts in Unreal Engine, Blender, 3Ds Max, and so much more. Our team will work alongside you to gain a better understanding of your specific goals in order to provide the most comprehensive solutions.