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Architects and designers.

House Builders is a group of residential architects and designers that offer popular house plans that are not only useful but also beautiful. The main aim of the architects is to ensure that the final product is both functional and attractive. The architects often manage the contracts to ensure that the final product is the same as the design made.

Home Builders also provides advisory services to clients to ensure that the projects that are being worked on are successful. Other services that the organization provides to the clients include documentation and drawing, cost estimation, and collaborating with the engineers to ensure that the project is successful according to the original plan.

3D Project Goal

Show potential clients what a house plan would be like. Make a simple blueprint come alive through 3D rendering.


Stream lining the production process​ to deliver clients projects on time.

Production time

Home Builders has the necessary human resources and skills that will ensure that the projects are completed on time. House Builders meets the goal by putting in place highly efficient teams that work on different tasks and they have a specific deadline that they are supposed to meet that is in line with the deadline of the overall project. The work is always well planned from the beginning to the end and necessary contingency measures are put in place to deal with the emergencies that could come up in the course of the project.

It is important to note that most of the time delays in construction are caused by emergencies that occur in the course of the project hence affecting the smooth flow of tasks. Contingency measures help in averting the events that will affect the overall flow of work hence helping in completing the tasks in the best way possible. Home Builders also manage their information to ensure that they do not get more information than needed which will affect the timeline of the production process. Home Builders have also acquired the latest technology which helps them work faster and provide a high-quality product.

3 ways to reduce cost

1. The company makes sure that only competent persons handle the assignments as a way of limiting the number of revisions that waste time. The company ensures that the clients provide detailed information that should be followed in the best way possible. Modifications are done only when it is necessary because of time of the essence.

2. House Builders extends the timelines to avoid rushing. It is important to note that rushing leads to mistakes and as a result many revisions that are likely to increase the rendering costs. The company ensures that the teams are comfortably working on the projects and that they can deliver the best services at the lowest costs and within the shortest time possible.

3. Ensures that multiple projects are done at once by different teams instead of one. The company also takes up the option because most of the time it has different projects to present at the same time and there is no time to waste. The company has a large team of professionals and that is why it can meet their needs in the best way possible.


House Builders do their best to ensure that the rendering costs go down as a way of making sure that the clients do not spend money unnecessarily.

The Solution

It is clear now that architectural renderings enable the architects to get a clear picture of where they stand with the current projects. They provide useful and valuable insights into all the necessary details that they should add or remove. Geekshark chooses Unreal Engine as their rendering platform which has several advantages.

First, it has amazing and workable graphics that can be used in rendering any architecture project with ease. It also makes the rendering process interesting.

Second, Unreal Engine makes working easy because it has a huge systematic set of tools and editors that makes it possible for the users to manage their properties and modify them every time they want to.

Third, the start menu is straightforward to work with. It has a large menu that enables the users to select the preferred version. The start menu also demonstrates the projects that have been done by other people on the platform and gives the users ideas that they can use to create wonderful projects. Unreal Engine also contains a library of the other projects that other users have created which can be used as a point of reference for new projects that are being made. It is therefore possible to check what the other architects have done and then use the information in the new project. It is important to note that looking at the projects that other people have done gives a person the necessary inspiration that is needed in making a new project.

Why Unreal Engine

First, compared to the other platforms, Unreal Engine’s platform is easy to use hence making the rendering process fun and easy to implement.

Second, Unreal Engine has a node feature that allows developers to develop projects without the need to write codes. We all know how writing codes is a hectic process and if there is a way to make a project without coding then it will be a very easy thing to do.

Third, the projects made on Unreal Engine can be used on multiple platforms compared to the other platforms. It is also cheaper to see because its license is free. It also has a large number of plugins compared to the other platforms that enhance its capabilities compared to the other platforms. The other advantage of the platform is that it has an asset store where one can download prebuilt games.

The Results Statement

Home Builders have been using the Unreal Engine platform that has enable the company to make the best designs for the clients. They make an outline of the project, then create a blueprint through 3D rendering. The blueprint is then translated into the final product. The company has also managed to reduce the rendering costs effectively. 

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