Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to your questions about Geekshark’s recruitment services, hiring process, candidate selection, and more.

Atlanta Global Recruitment Agency

Client FAQS

Where Is Geekshark Located?
Geekshark has been in business for 8 years and is based out of Atlanta, Georgia with a satellite office in Brazil. However, we perform our services remotely worldwide.

We offer convenient communication channels including phone, email, web conferences, and social media. Our team comprises native speakers in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, and more, ensuring support when you need it.
What's your recruitment process like?
Geekshark’s recruitment process delivers exceptional candidates aligned with your needs. We understand your requirements, source top-tier talent, conduct thorough evaluations, and present you with a shortlist of qualified candidates.

We provide guidance and support throughout selection, facilitate smooth onboarding, and offer post-placement support. With clear communication, confidentiality, and professionalism, we streamline your recruitment journey and help you build a winning team.
How fast can you find qualified candidates?

Geekshark excels in finding qualified tech talent quickly. Leveraging our extensive network and proactive search strategies, we efficiently identify top-tier candidates tailored to your requirements. Our standard process typically takes 10-14 days, considering the complexity of the role. However, for urgent hiring needs, we offer a rush hiring service, delivering a curated selection of qualified candidates within a remarkable 3-5 days.

Do you offer a candidate replacement guarantee?

At Geekshark, we offer a candidate replacement guarantee to provide you with peace of mind. If a candidate we place with you does not meet your expectations or leaves within the guarantee period, typically ranging from 4-6 months, we will find a suitable replacement at no additional cost.

What are your recruitment fees like?
Geekshark offers flexible recruitment fee options tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and their business. Our fees can be structured as a flat rate, a percentage of the yearly salary, or other payment terms agreed upon during the consultation process. We understand that every organization has specific budget considerations, and we strive to accommodate those requirements while delivering exceptional recruitment services.

To learn more about our fees and explore how we can support your hiring needs, we invite you to schedule a free consultation with our team. Let us discuss the best approach for your business and find the ideal solution together.
How do you screen your candidates before submission?

Geekshark is committed to rigorous candidate screening for top-quality talent. We conduct video conferences to assess communication skills, cultural fit, and suitability. A dedicated technical coach evaluates technical skills. We also offer specific tests or psychometric assessments upon request. Trust Geekshark to deliver rigorously assessed, top-tier candidates who align with your company’s values and objectives, ready to contribute to your success.

Do you provide any type of training for candidates?
At Geekshark, we go beyond simply matching candidates with job opportunities. We offer comprehensive candidate services that focus on their success within your business. We provide training to candidates about your company’s culture, preparing them thoroughly for interviews and equipping them with the necessary skills to seamlessly integrate into your organization’s unique work environment.

By prioritizing cultural fit and aligning candidates with your business’s values and atmosphere, we ensure a smooth transition and increased potential for long-term success and productivity. Trust Geekshark to not only find top talent but also to cultivate candidates who will thrive in your company’s culture.
What can I expect during a free consultation with Geekshark?

During a free consultation with Geekshark, expect no fluff or sales pitches. We genuinely want to learn about your business, understand your needs, and provide precisely what you require without any pressure or obligation to use our service. If we’re a good fit, we sign contracts and make good things happen. If not, we’re happy to refer you to someone else who might be a better match for your needs.

Where do you find your candidates?

Geekshark taps into major platforms such as LinkedIn, GitHub, Stack Overflow, Wellfound, Indeed, and more. We also engage with local universities, participate in tech events, and leverage our global network of recruiters to connect with top tech talent and also utilize advanced Boolean search techniques.

You recruit in what industry/market?

Geekshark specializes in tech recruitment, leveraging our expertise in the industry. However, we also recruit marketing professionals, executive-level professionals, and are expanding our focus into the healthcare industry, particularly in sourcing nurse and pharmacy  healthcare professionals. We are dedicated to catering to diverse industries and markets, ensuring we meet the unique hiring needs of our clients across various sectors.

How do your manage recruitment process?
Geekshark streamlines its recruitment process with cutting-edge tools. Two essential ATS examples include Greenhouse and Crelate. Zoom is utilized for remote video interviews and assessments. Skill assessment platforms enable technical evaluations tailored to each role. Social media and job boards aid in candidate sourcing and promotion.

Collaboration tools like Trello and Google Suite apps foster seamless communication and coordination among the recruitment team. By leveraging these tools, Geekshark enhances efficiency, ensures consistency, and delivers a seamless recruitment experience, connecting businesses with top-tier tech talent.
What services do you provide for talent management?

Geekshark offers comprehensive staffing services, connecting companies and startups with top-notch tech talent globally. We provide end-to-end recruitment support, including candidate screening, evaluation, and onboarding. Additionally, we offer additional services such as coworking spaces, project management, and accounting/payroll solutions. 

Candidate FAQS

How would you rate your Candidate's experience?
Geekshark prioritizes a positive candidate experience. We focus on clear and timely communication, ensuring candidates feel valued throughout the process. Additionally, we consider two crucial aspects: respect and transparency.

We treat candidates with respect, providing constructive feedback and maintaining professionalism. We also emphasize transparency by keeping candidates informed about their status and the recruitment process, fostering trust and a positive impression of Geekshark.
What makes Geekshark different than some recruiting agencies?
Geekshark differentiates itself from other tech recruiting agencies through a comprehensive approach to candidate assessment. We take the time to truly understand each candidate, exploring their personal and technical background, cultural beliefs, and what drives them to excel. By gaining this comprehensive understanding, we can match candidates with opportunities that align with their aspirations, ideal job, and the business that attracts them.

We prioritize cultural fit, ensuring candidates align with our client organizations’ values and work environment. Our tailored job-matching process focuses on long-term satisfaction and success for candidates and clients. Geekshark consistently builds lasting partnerships, supports candidates’ career growth, and assists clients with evolving talent acquisition needs. Our commitment to a holistic approach sets us apart in the tech recruitment industry.

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