Founder Story

Founded by Dave in 2016, Geekshark originated organically from the tech talent he discovered in the pockets of Florianopolis, SC. But his story doesn’t start in Brazil.


Dave hails from the U.S. and started his career in the IT field working for major Fortune 500 companies. After getting his feet wet in the big leagues, Dave took a leap of faith and founded his own proprietary software company.

At the time, Dave was known as the Blackberry guru and is recognized for building one of the most famous Blackberry apps that allowed users to use their Blackberry as a modem for Internet connection.

Not long after Dave became an app legend, the competition bought his company as well as 3 other sites he was running.

What came next for this tech entrepreneur? An avid traveler, he fell in love with the culture and the people of Brazil. 


Technical Teams on Demand

His greatest discovery there is
the emerging tech scene.

 He tapped into the local talent to work and manage his own projects. It didn’t take long for Dave to realize the vast talent in the area. Brazil didn’t have the reputation as a tech hub, but the potential was there.

Dave was involved in running his own outsourcing company and realized he had a keen eye for discovering key engineering talent and matching it with the right role. Organically, Dave became a conduit between the US and European companies to the untapped tech pool globally and nationally. Creating Geekshark was a no-brainer. Dave realized he wasn’t just good at connecting skilled people and companies…he was exceptional at it.

As an African-American, Dave is a champion of diversity and inclusion and many of the top talent he’s found hails from the USA, Europe and Latin America.