Good Candidate Experience

Good Candidate Experience

Finding good candidates

Finding the right professionals for your company is a critical task.  Tracking each candidate every step of the way is vital in the development of your brand.

For that reason, a lot of attention needs to be given to the recruitment and selection process. Therefore it is important how you structure the process, its steps, and its development.

One crucial aspect that is often neglected in the hiring process is called Candidate Experience. Candidate Experience can be defined as the way candidates feel about your company once they’ve experienced your hiring process.

These feelings may influence how inclined applicants feel to apply for another job within your company, indicate it to family and friends seeking a job, or even how likely they would buy your product.

A Nationwide CareerBuilder research has shown that 69% of candidates were likely to buy from a company they have applied to if treated with respect throughout the selection process. The chances that candidates become customers of your company rise by 67% if they receive constant updates through the application process.

Considering the importance of taking care of how your candidates feel throughout the hiring process for your business, we have provided some tips on how to implement changes to improve Candidate Experience.

Cultivate the Process

Remember that the process is, ultimately, made by human beings to other human beings. The e-mails or messages via chat should have a personalized touch instead of appearing to be copied and pasted. Therefore, using your signature in your e-mails, your name, and your title will help them relate to you. Beyond that, remember to treat the candidates as humans always. 

Be Clear Throughout the Entire Process

It would be best if you were as transparent as possible from the beginning. The candidates should know which documents or important information they need to present to you, how many steps there are in the recruiting process, and the best and fastest way to contact you if they have any questions.

It is also good practice to always let them know if they are no longer being considered for a particular opportunity. Telling them that may feel uncomfortable, but the candidate needs to know so that they will know how to proceed with other options that may have become available.  

Give Feedback

Feedback is an essential stage of the hiring process and should be given honestly, respecting the company’s rights and the candidate’s. The hiring process is an opportunity for growth for everyone involved in it.


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