Interior 3D Case Study

Interior designers and architects

A leading group of professionals coming together to execute a phenomenal project.

House owners have tastes and preferences and it is the purpose of the architects to meet their expectations in the best way possible. The house owners face the brunt of the financial implications of the project. House owners have the role of supervising the bigger picture of the project and getting the money that is required to make the project successful. In addition, he or she has to ensure that the architects and the other people that are taking part in the project are well-facilitated and remunerated. The houseowners also bear the brunt of the risks that are associated with the structures that are being constructed. The house owner is the only non-professional person that takes part in a project.

The house owners have the role of contending with professionals that carry out projects for a living and ensure that the equipment and the products that are needed are provided in the best way possible. They ensure that the builders and the suppliers have finite tasks while he assumes the responsibility of financing the whole project. The house owner should also visit the venue of the project and recommend the necessary corrections that should be done. House owners are also supposed to fully cooperate with the contractors to ensure the success of the project. The owner of the house will also interact with various government bodies to ensure that the project is fully compliant with all the rules and regulations that have been put in place by the relevant government agencies. The homeowner is also supposed to interact with the real estate professionals to sell the finished project. He or she is also supposed to interact with the title companies to facilitate sales​


Wow home owners by making their projects coming alive.

Interior Designer

The interior designer’s role is to create safe, functional, and aesthetically pleasing spaces through the assessment of the space requirements, determining the optimal furniture placement looking for the decorative items that they are supposed to add to the structures while adhering to the building code, relevant blueprint as well as the inspection requirements. The interior designers also work with the architects to find the vision of the work and then ensure that the design made is adhered to in the best way possible. The interior designers help in determining the costs of the completion of the project has met all the requirements in the best way possible. The interior designers also have the role of sourcing the materials that are supposed to be used in the project that is being developed. Several computer programs have been developed that help interior designers in their work. They therefore should have the programs and they are supposed to know how such programs should be used. Once the interior design has been done, the interior designers are expected to inspect the design after completion to find out if all the goals have been met. 


Architects are very important in the building process. The architects create designs for new construction projects. They get instructions from the homeowners and then work on a design that will meet the requirements. They use their artistic skills and their knowledge of the construction process to design buildings that are safe, functional, aesthetically pleasing, and sustainable. They get involved throughout the whole construction process as they try their best to ensure that the design created has been adhered to in the best way possible. 

First, they sketch the diagrams of the house on plain paper and then create the design on computer-aided design (CAD) applications and programs. They also work with construction professionals to find out the feasibility of the project that they are working on. Architects are also keen to identify the environmental impact of the projects that they are creating. All the projects have to be in line with the budget of the homeowner. 

Architects are required to work with a team of other professionals that take part in the construction process namely building service engineers, quantity surveyors, architectural technologists, project managers, and building service engineers. A combination among the team of professionals leads to the creation and building of the best structures that will be useful to homeowners and society as a whole. Once the architects have the facts about a given project, they are required to specify the requirements of each project. The architects should adapt the plans for a given project according to the prevailing circumstances and they should be able to resolve any problem that could arise during the construction process. 

The Results Statement

The 3D rendering technology gives the best outline on how the interior should appear and enables the people to put the necessary measures in place.

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