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Hire A Technical Coach

Helping you to hire the best minds is our mission. That’s why we offer the service of technical coaching. This service ensures that you hire the best candidates who are qualified for the position.

Sometimes even the most qualified candidates find adapting to a company and its culture hard. We know how important it is to have an aligned team, so our technical coaching program focuses on working skills such as teamwork, leadership, neuroscience-based confidence, and language skills.

We aim to prove false: “People are hired by technical knowledge and fired because of soft skills.” We ensure that we achieve this goal by helping in the hiring process and our ongoing training program, even after the candidate has been hired.

Advantage Of a Technical Coach

The advantage of having a technical coach is that no two people are the same. Even qualified candidates may need to dive deeper into some topics and understand the company’s culture.

Compared to the traditional hiring process, a technical coaching program can increase the chances of a successful choice by up to 20%.

Technical coaching covers more than just hard skills and knowledge. Once the coach identifies how the candidate can better fit the role, they will work on these characteristics and get the candidate ready to do the work.

To build a successful team, a company must look beyond the hard skills and consider how team members will work together.

Having four people who deliver “X” separately doesn’t mean that they’ll provide “4X” together. If the team isn’t aligned, it’s possible that even as a team, the delivery will be “X.”

Technical coaches benefit software engineering and software development candidates, whose abilities can be enhanced by agile technical coaches.

Why choose a technical coach over a regular career coach?

This answer can be tricky, but we are pretty sure about it. A technical coach has both sides of knowledge, the tech side of it and the coaching side.

Technical coaching creates a considerable difference when put into practice because hiring a regular career coach will only motivate your employees and candidates. Still, the dynamics of an agile tech team are different from companies in other niches.

A technical coach can implement processes and help your team to become more organized and agile. Having a specialized coach when your team faces technology issues is advantageous because they can also help when they arise.

But, of course, when choosing a technical coach, you should also remember that you’re looking for a coach. Ensure you have someone who can take your team to the next level. A coach should be driven by the idea of helping others and helping people and companies to grow.

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