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We provide various human resources, recruitment and staffing services that take the stress out of staffing for companies of all sizes. Our network features the world’s best sourcers, recruiters, managers and coordinators.

Recruitment Process (RPO)

Recruiting For Recruiters (R4R)

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Recruitment For Talent
Our passion for recruitment is strong, and we love what we do. Our global recruitment agency comprises professionals from various backgrounds with great personalities and years of experience. We help you find and hire top tech talent in the USA, Latin America, Europe, and Africa. Geekshark makes obtaining your recruiting needs a great experience.  We cover other industries besides tech as well.
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Client Success Story

R4R & Tech Talent

We were able to help a USA-based startup expand its recruiting and engineering team in Latin America.

We provided full-cycle recruiting, onboarding, and support for all new hires. Successfully coordinated and managed all activities for international transactions and payments, documentation, and policies and procedures.

Why Our Recruitment Excels

We believe in business, respecting our clients, and providing a superb recruitment experience is paramount. We listen to our clients and consistently seek to provide the best recruitment experience. When your partner with Geekshark, your company will notice a difference. 

Always On

With offices in the US and Brazil, we work when you work - no complicated timezone differences.

Cultural Literacy

We’ve worked with companies the world over, which means we know many different customs and practices inside and out.

Network Reach

Geekshark features the most extensive global & national network of hidden tech talent in the USA, South and Central America, Africa, and Europe.

Our Recruitment Approach

Step 1

Your company defines its needs, timelines, and budget. There are no obligations or strings attached.

Step 2

We analyze your request, perform market research, and develop a solid plan that meets your requirements.

Step 3

We review the success plan, both parties come to an agreement, and good things start to happen immediately.

Recruitment Services

We take the action of finding new people to join your organization seriously.  This task is what makes organizations grow to be the best in their industry.  It all comes down to the people and what they do best to make an organization strive.  Our recruitment support services support your organization with top recruitment talent to hire qualified talent. Let us help grow your business.

Recruiting Process (RPO)

As an RPO provider, we can support your company's existing recruitment functions to solve cost and scalability challenges. With this end-to-end solution, many companies are experience growth and worry less about hiring talent and other recruiting difficulties.

Recruiting 4 Recruiters

As an R4R provider, we provide your company with qualified sourcers, recruiters, managers and coordinators that leverage all of your recruitment needs.

Technical Career Coach
Staffing Services

We provide qualified talent that assures your company that they are hiring candidates genuinely qualified for positions within your organization. We support your demands both locally and internationally.