Recruiting LatAm Talent

Recruiting LatAm Tech Talent

In recent years, recruiting Latin American tech talent has shown to be an exciting option for companies seeking to expand their business globally. Some areas of this region have been developing political stability, and many countries face fast economic growth. In addition, many changes in education, culture, and politics have been happening, making Latin America more attractive to international companies.

Therefore, in this article, we will present some reasons why you should consider recruiting talent that lives in Latin American countries.

More similar time zones

If you seek to find talent abroad, many options exist. Traditionally, tech companies have sought talent in countries like India or China. Even though these countries can undoubtedly provide many highly qualified contributors, the significant difference in time zones may turn very difficult to have staff meetings or establish effective communication. Conversely, Latin American countries have time zones similar to the U.S. Some even have the same time zone as some parts of the United States. This generates more productivity and synchronizes work within a team.

It is cost effective

Hiring talent in Latin America has higher cost-effectiveness than hiring in the United States and Europe. Even though variables like different currencies and higher or lower costs of living may interfere with this, many countries in Latin America present the lowest labor costs in comparison. For that reason, hiring in Latin countries is an outstanding option that many companies have decided to take.

Cultural diversity

Many people might think that cultural differences could be a challenge. However, different cultures mean different life experiences and different ways of thinking. When working on a creative team, differences of thought may grant a higher ability to develop problem-solving strategies and explore distinct possibilities. In addition, a diversity of cultures offers a greater variety of ideas that may enrich your business. According to EF’s English Proficiency Index, this may increase your team’s effectiveness; from that, your products will become more appealing to different audiences.

English Proficiency

Even though countries in Latin America do not have English as an official language, many of them have been implementing policies to increase proficiency in the English Language. Educational reforms were implemented as the business community grew in many countries and demanded higher English skills. Because of that, countries like Argentina, Bolivia, Chile, and Costa Rica have been experiencing a rise in their proficiency level.

High-quality workforce

One of the main characteristics that one seeks when hiring a workforce is that they are qualified for the job. Thanks to educational changes in many countries in Latin America, the quantity and quality of tech talents have risen significantly over the last few years. The number of programmers and other tech professionals increased, especially in Peru, Argentina, Colombia, and Brazil. Therefore, recruiting LatAm talent should not be a challenge.

Hiring new employees is a critical activity. There are many variables to analyze, like cost, qualification, infrastructure, etc. As we have shown, you may find many favorable characteristics in response to those variables in Latin America.

Yet, that is a large region composed of many countries that are very different from each other, a difference that may be manifest in culture, laws, and even language. This may make your endeavor to hire Latin Americans challenging. Therefore, you can count on Geekshark to help you hire the right talent for your company.

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